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Illustration for article titled Maria Bamford announces new comedy special
Photo: Thos Robinson (Getty Images for The New Yorker)

As reported by Vulture, Maria Bamford has announced a new comedy special coming in January, her first since 2017's Old Baby on Netflix. Speaking of the streaming service, the synopsis for Bamford’s new special references her beloved Netflix sitcom Lady Dynamite by subtly referring to the comedian as a “dynamite lady who explodes onstage (after two naps with her husband Scott and two old, pillowy dogs).” The new special is called Weakness Is The Brand, and it’s coming on January 31 to all of the various places where one might be able to buy a digital comedy special. There’s also a short teaser video that only features a couple of jokes, but it does feature the actual title line where Bamford says “weakness is the brand.” On the one hand, it helps you remember the name of the thing. On the other hand, you don’t put “I’m so tired of all these Star Wars” in the trailer for Star Wars… but maybe they should?

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