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Margot Robbie says she’s sick of playing someone’s girlfriend

Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie rose to national prominence in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, where she played the perfectly coiffed trophy wife to Leonardo DiCaprio’s charismatic stockbroker lizard man. Since then, she’s had a certain tendency to take major film roles—Focus, Z For Zachariah—where her characters were largely defined by their relationships with men. (Even her big superhero vehicle, this summer’s Suicide Squad, sees Harley Quinn potentially overshadowed by her creepy, used condom-mailing ex-boyfriend.)

Well, no more. According to an interview Robbie recently gave with Women’s Day, she’s done playing the girlfriend role in major blockbusters. “I want to keep looking for roles where the main interest will be in the character and her importance in driving a story forward, rather than her relationship with a male character,” Robbie said, possibly alluding to movies like the recent Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, where she played an ambitious journalist untethered by her connection with a man.


She’s not explicitly condemning her past work, either, though. “Films like Wolf Of Wall Street and Focus gave me a chance to play charismatic and clever women,” she added. “Even though they do have a glamorous side.” Presumably, that emphasis on charisma and cleverness helped convince her to take on one of the most famous “girlfriend” roles of all time, as she’s set to play Jane Porter (of “Me Tarzan, you love interest” fame) in the upcoming The Legend Of Tarzan.

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