Suicide Squad

In what could easily be a haunting origin story for the awful tattoos that Jared Leto’s Joker has in the Suicide Squad movie, his co-star Margot Robbie recently told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she has a tattoo gun and doesn’t particularly care if she’s good at using it. Robbie says she’s done about 50 tattoos at this point, but all of that practice isn’t making her a better artist. In fact, she claims that she’s “getting worse,” but it didn’t stop her from putting permanent-ish smiley faces on people’s feet while on the Suicide Squad set or from giving the cast and crew “SKWAD” tattoos—all while Leto presumably looked in on this fun and wondered why nobody appreciated his stupid antics, doing his best “no one ever pays me in gum” face.


After describing her lack of talent to Fallon, Robbie drew him a girl holding a balloon as an example of her tattoo style. It is awful, of course, but it’s also the exact kind of awful that is still good/funny because it was made by a famous person, making it somehow not awful at all. Really, isn’t that the genesis of all great art?

Suicide Squad, which is apparently still a movie and not just a perpetual marketing machine that only exists in its 500 trailers and wacky behind-the-scenes stories, will finally be in theaters on August 5.

[via NYMag]