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Margot Robbie has a psychotic morning routine

(Screenshot via YouTube)

As part of her Vogue cover story, Margot Robbie starred in Australian Psycho, a brilliant short spoofing the opening sequence of American Psycho. Robbie runs through her chilling morning routine that’s about as psychotic as Patrick Bateman’s, complete with a face mask and everything. What’s the secret to being one of Hollywood’s leading ladies? Well, placenta helps. (So does being a beautiful white woman.)

“I live in a charming little five-bedroom in Beachwood Canyon. My name is Margot Robbie. I’m 25 years old.” That last fact has been widely contested but was recently confirmed. Robbie is indeed 25. Everyone can go about their business now. In the tongue-in-cheek short, directed by Paranormal Activity 4 team Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, Robbie has a solid sense of humor about herself. “I like to meditate while I work on my core, even though I was born with a six-pack,” Robbie narrates as she presses cold spoons against her “puffy” eyes while dipping into a lunge. She also has a Hamilton poster in her bathroom. For what it’s worth, the short is way more engaging and self-aware than the actual Vogue interview.


Robbie, who’s sick of playing someone’s girlfriend, stars as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Earlier this week, it was announced that she’ll reprise the role in an upcoming DC superhero film project centered on a team of mostly women. She’s also playing Jane in the inexplicable Tarzan movie, set to hit theaters in July.

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