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Margo Martindale will return to The Americans

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Although Frank Langella has stepped in capably as Philip and Elizabeth’s new-but-also-former KGB handler on The Americans in season three, TVLine reports that Margo Martindale is coming back as their original handler Claudia. Martindale appeared in a recurring role the first two seasons, but was never a regular due to her contract with the recently canceled The Millers. Now, with no pesky full-time gig in her way, she’ll go back to doing what she does best—scowling and generally making life heart-wrenchingly unpleasant for her Russian spy comrades—as the frosty Claudia.


Martindale has received two Emmy nominations for her work on The Americans, and her character was last seen telling Philip and Elizabeth that Mother Russia wants their daughter Paige to become a second-generation spy at the end of season two. Because season three is already airing, her role will likely once again be limited, but the good news is she’s back with a show that isn’t struggling with a farting problem.

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