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Variety reports Amazon Prime has just picked up Highland, a pot comedy starring Margaret Cho. The sitcom will see Cho’s character, who’s an addict, move back in with her family after she’s released from court-ordered rehab. Although the family’s described as “dysfunctional,” its members apparently work together well enough to run a pot dispensary, which is what we assume the titular Highland is. It’s also probably safe to assume that Cho’s character’s recovery will be occasionally threatened by the family’s five-and-dime-bag store.

Cho will executive produce Highland, which was created by Deadwood and Lost producer Liz Sarnoff, along with Tomorrow Studios. In 1994, Cho created and starred in the first Asian-led sitcom, All-American Girl, but a lot’s changed in the world since, namely, that marijuana has been decriminalized enough to allow for TV careers to be based on its sale. And although it took the full 20 years since All-American Girl was canceled, there are now multiple Asian-led shows on the air and online: Fresh Off The Boat, Dr. Ken, Quantico, and Master Of None.


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