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As reported by Variety, TLC is taking an unprecedented break from shows about people with lots of wives, people with lots of children, people getting married in weird ways, people who work at bakeries and always have to rush to finish whatever the baking, and people who actually listen to that horrible Long Island Medium woman for a new show that will finally sit us down and talk to us about these weird changes our bodies are going through. In other words, TLC is making a talk show that’s all about sex, and it’s going to be called All About Sex. The show will be hosted by Margaret Cho, and she’ll be joined by a panel of other comedians and a relationship expert. TLC says All About Sex—which, according to several sources close to the project, will be all about sex—is going to be “a weekly dissection of all aspects of sex in American culture with a focus on dispelling misconceptions and helping women tackle intimacy problems.”


That all sounds good—anything is better than letting a certain self-proclaimed medium from a certain island in New York continue to scam mourners—but Variety notes that All About Sex will air immediately after Sex Sent Me To The ER, which is weird. Sure, they cover the same topic—doin’ it—but we think there could be some thematic dissonance when one show is about “helping women tackle intimacy problems” and the other is about people who were bitten by snakes while they fooled around in the woods. Maybe All About Sex will dispel the misconception about how often people get attacked by snakes while having sex, because we feel like it happens a lot. Either way, the show will premiere on TLC on January 10.

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