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Margaret Cho is going to be president… of a fictional college created by Tina Fey and Matt Hubbard. Cho is set to star in the duo’s upcoming Fox comedy, tentatively named Cabot College, which centers on a women's college that opens its doors to men for the first time. Cho will play Laura Thibault, the college president who makes the controversial decision. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cho’s character is a “divisive figure on campus” who tries to welcome the new male student but also gets irritated by their antics—a love/hate relationship that is probably familiar to many college presidents.


On her website Cho wrote, “I am so honored and elated to be a part of this incredible project and I know everyone is going to fall madly in love with this show! Also I get to work with my hero Tina Fey!! It’s a dream come true!” Cho previously worked with Fey and Hubbard on 30 Rock, where she flexed her acting chops by playing both Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-Un (and received a guest actress Emmy nomination for the former ). She joins previously announced stars Bonnie Dennison, Jack Cutmore-Scott, Brandon Jones, and Fortune Feimster.

Production on Cabot College is set to begin in March as part of Fox’s move to year-round programming. Hopefully that will give Hubbard—who penned the script—a chance to work in a ripped-from-the-headlines comic skewering of the racist/sexist students at University of Illinois.

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