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March Of The Penguins to get a no doubt freaking adorable sequel

I mean, just LOOK at these adorable little fuckers.

Fasten your holy-shit belts, because things are about to get so damned cute, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Variety reports a sequel to the Academy Award-winning documentary March Of The Penguins is coming, meaning not only are you going to learn more about the fascinating and complex world of emperor penguins, but you’re going to just get absolutely buried with images of the cutest goddamned little penguins you ever did see. The movie better come front-loaded with trigger warnings for weeping due to an inability to control your delight at seeing puffy bundles of joy waddle around.


Honestly, just look at those chubby little bastards and wonder how director Luc Jacquet could do this to us again. “With 4K cameras,” is the answer to that question, apparently, and it was shot last winter in Antarctica. The original film is one of the highest-grossing documentaries of all time, with more than $127 million in worldwide box office, and millions more in therapy bills for people unable to go on with life after knowing such happiness is possible. The sequel is titled March Of The Penguins 2: The Call, presumably in reference to the siren call of these snuggly motherfuckers that we’re all helpless to resist. A studio has yet to officially acquire it for U.S. distribution, but it’s only a matter of time before those endearing-ass shitbirds meander their way back into our hearts. Stupid perfectly lovable animals.

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