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Marc Webb wanted to put Venom in Amazing Spider-Man 3, along with everyone else

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

We haven’t heard much from director Marc Webb since lukewarm reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and a subsequent deal to bring Spider-Man into Marvel’s shared universe killed any chance for a third Amazing film. But MTV caught up with Webb at Comic-Con—where he was promoting the new Limitless TV show—and asked him about his plans for Amazing Spider-Man 3 had the project gone forward. Webb explained:

There’s the man in the hat, this obscure character called The Gentleman, who gets the Sinister Six together. That would’ve been fun to play out. …Venom, obviously I would’ve been curious to see.

It’s unclear if Webb meant that Venom would have been one of the Sinister Six, or if the character would be a side villain joining the fray. (A report from ComicBook.com reiterates that Webb definitely wanted Venom for part three and not some distant installment in the franchise.) Either way, that sounds like a lot of villains for one film to manage, especially since Amazing 2 struggled to balance multiple bad guys and still nurture a coherent plot. Speaking of, Webb didn’t mention any more flashbacks regarding the death of Peter Parker’s parents, maybe because he’s finally realized that no one cares.

Regarding Marvel’s reboot of Spider-Man, Webb said he’s “really excited to see that incarnation,” noting that “there’s a huge capacity for reinvention” with the character. Indeed, if this new interpretation of Spider-Man also flatlines, maybe it’ll finally be time to make Donald Glover’s dreams come true.


You can watch MTV’s full interview with Webb below.

[via Uproxx]

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