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Marc Singer to appear on Arrow, but not as The Beastmaster

A pretty shocking thing happened at the end of Arrow‘s mid-season finale, and at the risk of saying too much for anyone who isn’t caught up, the show is now in need of a new main character who hasn’t recently been stabbed and kicked off of a mountain. Presumably, secondary heroes like Arrow Boy and Arrow Dog (those are characters on Arrow, right?) will be stepping up, but that means the show needs to fill out its ranks with some new blood. Luckily, The CW has already announced that The Beastmaster himself, Marc Singer, will be joining the series.

This comes from Comic Book Resources, which reports that Singer won’t actually be playing Beastmaster—or whatever his character’s name was on V, for that matter. Instead, he’ll be General Matthew Shrieve, a character who, in the comics, leads a nonsensical band of World War II soldiers called the Creature Commandos. Far from a colorful nickname, the Creature Commandos are actually a team of various classic monsters—a werewolf, a vampire, a Frankenstein, and a gorgon—who fought Nazis for some reason.


Now, it seems like it would be safe to assume that Singer’s version of Shrieve will just be a regular military guy who doesn’t hang out with monsters—since it wouldn’t be the first time a comic book show/movie lifted a name without actually touching the original characterization at all—but CBR notes that the official description that The CW released does mention the Creature Commandos. Maybe that means they’ll show up on the show in some fashion? They’d have to be put through a CW filter, of course, but that might not be so bad. The werewolf can be a handsome guy who is just really hairy. The Frankenstein can be a handsome guy with bolts in his neck. This stuff writes itself! Whether he brings monsters with him or not, Singer will first show up in episode 14 of this season of Arrow.

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