Though it doesn’t really seem like it at first, HBO’s Girls and comedian/podcaster Marc Maron actually have a lot in common. He likes to have big dramatic conversations with people that sometimes get weird and uncomfortable, and the show often features big dramatic conversations that get weird and uncomfortable. He brings up his previous toxic relationships a lot on his podcast, and pretty much everyone on Girls shouldn’t be with whoever they’re with. He, uh, used to do drugs, and there was that episode of Girls where Shoshanna accidentally used crack? Alright, it’s not perfect, but there’s something there.

It’s a good thing that there is, because apparently Marc Maron will be making some sort of appearance on an upcoming episode of Girls. Maron announced the news himself in an e-mail newsletter for fans, casually mentioning that he had flown to New York to film a scene for the show in the middle of a trip to Albuquerque—a trip that was, reportedly, “intense.” Maron didn’t say much about what his role on the show would be, but he did thankfully point out that “there was no sex or nudity involved.”


Season four of Girls seems like it will lean pretty heavily on guest stars, since Maron will be joining the previously announced Gillian Jacobs and Jason Ritter. Also, this could be a rare opportunity to see Marc Maron play a character other than a version of himself, which he doesn’t do particularly often. Maybe he can yell at Lena Dunham to lock some gates?