(Photo credit: Tribeca Shortlist)

Among the seemingly endless options of video streaming services out there, Tribeca Shortlist definitely falls on the classier end of the spectrum. The subscription VOD service focuses on selectively curated collections of films put together by filmmakers and artists of all stripes, so you’re not endlessly shuffling through tons of crap to find diamonds among the coal bricks. (Looking at you, Showtime On Demand.) Marc Maron has just been announced as TSL’s newest Shortlister, meaning in addition to recommending some handpicked films from TSL’s collection—featuring the theme “Grit & Glory: Characters Search for Happiness”—he sits down for interviews about his film choices and career.

In the two clips below—exclusive to The A.V. Club—Maron does a 60-second whirlwind interview, where he discusses his favorite interview ever (Barack Obama, unsurprisingly), favorite film, and evinces a clear preference for color films over black and white. The second clip shows Maron discussing one of his favorite films, The Graduate, and why it resonates with him. The full range of discussions with him can be found streaming on Tribeca Shortlist starting tomorrow, which can be accessed in all the usual ways.