Seinfeld was infamously the “show about nothing,” but that doesn’t mean it was a show about nowhere in particular. The sitcom was definitively a New York show with a New Yorker mindset, but Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer traveled to and talked about places all over the world. Maps About Nothing collects every shooting location and every offhand reference to another place in every episode of the show. The entire catalogue covers 1600 entries throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond to 40 states and 70 countries on six continents. There are the standards—Jerry’s apartment, Monk’s Café, The Improv, various workplaces for Elaine and George—and the more adventurous references, like all of the California locations, and every reference to an international location in dialogue (the Soup Nazi moving to Argentina, for example). It’s an exhaustive record of every bit of Seinfeld geography. Now all someone has to do is take the catalogue and turn it into an actual atlas, perhaps to use as a coffee table book.