The awards that align most closely with The A.V. Club’s taste—the stunningly named George Foster Peabody Awards, presented annually at The University Of Georgia—were announced today, and some of your favorite things were honored. (And honored for excellence rather than popularity. Take that, MTV Movie Awards!) Honors were announced for 46 shows, specifically for “distinguished achievement and meritorious service by broadcasters, cable and Webcasters, producing organizations, and individuals.” A Peabody doesn’t have that Oscar prestige or Golden Globes something-something, but it does help validate that fact that Orphan Black and Orange Is The New Black are awesome. Other honorees this year include Todd VanDerWerff favorite Borgen, House Of Cards, Broadchurch, The Returned, and, yes, Scandal. On the more serious side, plenty of documentaries and news reports were honored as well. The entire list is viewable right here, and Orphan Black returns April 19. (You’re welcome.)