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Illustration for article titled “Manic pixie dream girl” is now in Oxford Dictionaries (along with “butthurt,” more)

Though most publications reporting on the latest Oxford Dictionaries inclusions are leading with “butthurt,” The A.V. Club must of course acknowledge “manic pixie dream girl” first, as it was coined—and later publicly disowned—by former head writer and current columnist Nathan Rabin in his first My Year Of Flops entry. Oxford Dictionaries, it should be noted, is different than the Oxford English Dictionary, which deigns to include only words and phrases that have been in use for much longer than this one. Still, it’s a remarkable cultural moment, so let’s see how they’ve chosen to define it: “(especially in film) a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose within the narrative is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist.” They even made a video about the phrase, fully crediting Mr. Rabin, which you can watch below.

Other new entries include such radical outrageousness as “beer o’clock,” “butthurt,” “MacGyver” (as a verb), “manspreading,” “Redditor,” “pwnage,” and many more. Check out an easy-to-digest list over at Time, and debate in the comments below what other AVC-adjacent terms should make it next time. CancerAIDS? OF COCK? Make some noise, and maybe they’ll listen. (Probably they won’t.)

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