Mandy Moore, that nice girl from the church youth group that everyone keeps hoping good things for, is still pursuing her dream of starring on sitcoms and not looking into grad school just yet. Moore’s third sitcom pilot attempt in as many years will be on ABC’s Pulling, an adaptation of the British series about three thirtysomething, not-so-New-Girls whom society says should really have their lives together by now, but, y’know, maybe they’re not like other women. Maybe they have thoughts and feelings, and they want to find a way to express those—maybe even on a primetime sitcom, if society can just get off its back and stop sending them brochures about becoming a dental assistant or making another wedding movie. Anyway, Moore’s character Louise is actually supposed to be the lovable loser of the trio, who’s “optimistic and desperate to snag a husband, but her man-hungry tactics typically backfire”—which, actually, doesn’t sound very non-traditional or all that suited for Mandy Moore, even if she falls down a lot. Still, we just want to see her happy.