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Mandy Moore to be trapped in a cage surrounded by sharks in 47 Meters Down

License To Wed

Mandy Moore, the pop star-turned-actress best known for her roles in romantic movies like A Walk To Remember and License To Wed, is entering a new phase in her career. Deadline reports that she’s been cast as one of the two leads in Dimension Films’ 47 Meters Down, a movie about two sisters, Kate (Moore) and Lisa, trapped in an underwater observation cage at the bottom of the ocean. Moore will put the skills she picked up on movies like Love, Wedding, Marriage and as the voice of Rapunzel in Tangled to use as her character deals with a dwindling oxygen supply and the threat of hungry sharks.

47 Meters Down has been described asGravity, but underwater,” except that there’s probably less room to maneuver in an underwater cage than there is on a space station. Also, Moore will probably have to do a lot of acting with her eyes, since it’s hard to see the rest of a person’s face when it’s hidden behind the kind of diving mask that allows them to speak underwater. The sharks should stand in nicely for the space debris, though.


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