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There are some people in this life that vibrate at a higher frequency. You just look at them and immediately know they are magic—no, it’s more than that. They are too pure and good for the over-simplified language of mere dunderheaded mortals. What if I told you there is one such human in Virginia, a man who defied logic by donning a television on his head and stole out into the night to drop old TVs off on the doorsteps of some 50 locals? You might believe, dear reader, that god truly is one of us. Just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger dropping old TVs off in front of homes. Behold, your new god:


Is he home electronic Santa Claus? Is he delivering televisions like orphans unto the doorsteps of those who have not been blessed with a television of their own? Is he forcing people to reckon with their own wasteful consumerist habits? Is he the chosen one who will inherit the mundane humor crown from Nathan Fielder? Is just some cool-ass rando with the greatest goddamn sense of humor on the planet? I DON’T KNOW. God works in mysterious ways. Here is what I do know: I love this man.

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