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Man who's building Titanic replica confident he'll also make a better Titanic movie than James Cameron

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Last year Australian billionaire Clive Palmer announced plans to build the Titanic II, a full-scale replica of the famed sunken ocean liner that would stand as testimony to man’s indomitable spirit in the face of overwhelming symbolism, and the timeless determination of the proud to die ironically. And while Palmer willfully ignored the lessons about building full-scale Titanic replicas we all learned in The Asylum’s Titanic II, it seems he’s determined to tempt fate even further by also building another Titanic II movie: The Herald Sun reports that Palmer is planning not one but two films about his new luxury liner—first a documentary that would detail all that’s gone into its construction aside from massive hubris, then a narrative film that Palmer has already declared “should be a lot better movie” than James Cameron’s Titanic, as it’s well established that the danger of overconfidence is not of particular concern to Clive Palmer.


“The script's looking pretty good at the moment—it's not finished but it's very interesting,” Palmer said, presumably while just going ahead and renting out the Sydney Opera House for the film’s Oscar celebration, explaining that the story takes place during the Titanic II’s maiden voyage. In addition to dramatizing “some of the things that happen” there—things that definitely will not include a massive karmic reckoning, the sort that would serve as a poignant commentary on modern man’s arrogance for years to come—Palmer reassures that the movie will have “some love in it.” However, this time, not set against the sort of tragedy that may make for an epic cinematic experience, but does not encourage repeat business for your cruise line. Indeed, you could say that "everybody dying" is where both James Cameron’s Titanic and the actual Titanic made their fatal mistakes. It should be a lot better this time.  [via The Playlist]

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