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Man who first showed everyone X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets one year in prison

Hoping to “send a strong message of deterrence to would-be Internet pirates," a U.S. District Judge handed down a one-year prison sentence to Gilberto Sanchez, the 49-year-old Bronx resident convicted of leaking an early workprint copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, over a month before the film’s release. Sanchez pled guilty to posting Wolverine—which he claims to have purchased from an unidentified street vendor—and prosecutors noted that he “did not appear remorseful.” Given that Sanchez had a prior conviction for a similar offense, had been pirating films for four or five years, and used various screennames with the word “skillz” in them, that’s not surprising. Hopefully that hardened pride over his "skillz" will serve him well in prison, where he now has one of the worst possible answers to “what are you in for?” And if not, at least he has the comfort of the night, when he can be alone with his thoughts long enough to ponder the emotional intricacies of the relationship between Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber's characters, or why the hell Will.I.Am was in that movie.


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