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Meet Brendan, a 23-year-old Australian who loves marathon running and drumming. So already he’s proficient in two things, while most of us skate by being okay at one. But then Brendan (aka bigZ Cymbals) had the ingenious idea to combine his two passions, meaning he plays various drum parts from songs whilst running on the treadmill. Beyond shaming others by displaying physical fitness, he’s also doing it while keeping beat. The only solace comes in the fact that a few of his song choices are…suspect to say the least. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is certainly a respectable selection that’s a rocking song and demanding on drums:

And one can argue that Travis Barker has always been the most accomplished musician of Blink-182, with unusually complex drumming parts to otherwise simplistic songs, like in “All The Small Things:”

But then he also performs things like Evanescence, which simply prompts the question, “huh?”

Even with some of his suspect song lists, it’s still an impressive feat that will surely give birth to some new exercise fad. Drumarathon? Rhythm running? Percussion perambulating? Whatever it will be called, be prepared for your most annoying friends to gush about how, like Crossfit, it’s totally changed their lives and then really pressure you into trying it.


[Via Laughing Squid]

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