Encouraged by early critical reaction and the fact that we only have so much time on this earth to franchise all that we may franchise, Warner Bros. has begun fast-tracking a sequel to Man Of Steel days before its official release. Deadline says that the principal crew of director Zack Snyder, writer David S. Goyer, and star Henry Cavill are all set to return—though Christopher Nolan’s role is not expected to be as “full blown” the second time around, with Nolan possibly just dropping by occasionally to say, “Is there any way this character can be sadder and more isolated?” Also of note is that Goyer’s three-picture deal includes rewriting the Justice League film whose future also depended on Man Of Steel’s success, which now seems to be regarded as a foregone conclusion. Or maybe Warner Bros., like all of us, is simply flush with the optimism of easy-breezy summertime livin’ right now. Who doesn’t want to ditch out, hit the beach, and cook up some sequels and hot dogs?