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Man claims Drive inspired him to throw hot dog at Tiger Woods

While the connection between Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive and the rise in violence against Jews remains pure speculation, at least until the October statistics come in, the Ryan Gosling-starring film is already culpable for at least one world-stopping hate crime. According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Brandon Kelly, the California man who threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods last weekend, did so not just because “hot dog equals penis!” but also because he was inspired by Drive to “do something courageous and epic.”

So, after taking a personal inventory of the most courageous, epic actions he could dream up, Kelly lobbed a wiener at Tiger Woods, but only after taking a picture of said wiener “in front of his vehicle’s steering wheel and speedometer”—just like how Ryan Gosling’s character places his watch there while acting as a getaway driver, except with a wiener, and not at all like that. Kelly reportedly “declined to elaborate on his motivation” any further, apparently preferring to let his actions speak for him—again, just like Ryan Gosling’s character, except with a wiener, and not at all like that. Still, there’s probably some metaphorical link (Sausage humor! Also golf humor!) to be made here between the name of the movie Drive and Woods’ diminished power on the golf course, if you’d care to spend more time pondering the semiotics of a guy throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods. We're certainly not going to stop you. [via Deadspin]


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