In an eclipse-like confluence of corny and convoluted wordplay, The Wrap has unearthed news that Universal’s reboot of The Mummy—which has managed to survive the unraveling of the partnership between producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, like a relic buried in dry desert sand—has now parted ways with Mama director Andrés Muschietti, presumably leaving the door open for Mother director Bong Joon-ho, Momma creator Mell Lazarus, and imprisoned Canadian Hells Angels leader Maurice “Mom” Boucher, who first attracted industry attention for his involvement in Quebec’s Guerre des Motards but has yet to prove himself as a tentpole helmer.

Muschietti’s exit comes less than a year after the original director, Len Wiseman—whose involvement with the Underworld franchise could easily derail this article into a series of convoluted Osiris jokes—departed the project aboard Neshmet, the sacred barque of Nun, deity of the watery abyss. Thereafter, he traveled the Nile to the Great Temple of Abydos, to return to his reliquary, whence Sleepy Hollow is executive-produced.


Reportedly, Muschietti left the project over questions about the degree of grittiness he would bring to this gritty reboot, which is an update of the Brendan Fraser-led franchise “in modern day with new characters not seen in previous iterations and a protagonist imbued with a human personality,” as conceived by someone who has clearly given up trying.