Confirming that Randall Miller's upcoming CBGB biopic will feature more than just Alan Rickman talking in his usual halting haughtiness to a succession of fleetingly glimpsed, leather jacket-clad shoulders, Variety reports that Malin Akerman has signed on to play Blondie singer Debbie Harry, a choice influenced by the fact that Elisha Cuthbert's agent sucks. The announcement was preceded by the revelation that Rickman's Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint will play Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome—and so they'll get asked about that in every interview for this movie—suggesting that CBGB will essentially be a framework for unexpected actors essaying various punk legends, to varying degrees of infuriation for people who still get really indignantly protective about such things. It hasn't yet been revealed whether Akerman et al. will attempt to sing or merely lip-synch their characters' songs, or even whether the rights for those songs will be granted, but fortunately punk bands like Blondie are just a bunch of noise and yelling anyway. "Yeah yeah yeah I'm a Blondie yaaaarrrgh," as one of their big hits goes. Anyone can do that.