Photo: Kevin Manzur / Getty Images

Malia Obama is going from the world of presidential campaigns to Oscar campaigns: The former first daughter is going to be interning for Harvey Weinstein, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Obama, who is taking a gap year before going to Harvard, will start at The Weinstein Company in New York in February, so she’ll have a taste of what it’s like to be working there during awards season. We can only imagine the analogies that will be made: “Well, you know in some ways—not the bad ones—Shakespeare in Love was sort of Trump-like. No one thought it would win against Saving Private Ryan, but it did. Of course, Shakespeare is a perfectly lovely movie and those two words don’t belong anywhere near Trump.”

It’s looking more and more like Obama is gunning for a career in entertainment. She did a stint on the Halle Berry CBS drama Extant in 2014, and then worked on Girls the following summer.