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Making A Murderer dreamboat Dean Strang to fight injustice with new docuseries

Making A Murderer

Earlier this year, the internet fell in love with Dean Strang, an aggressively normal-looking defense attorney from Netflix’s Making A Murderer who had the distinct honor of being one of the few people who came out of that documentary series still looking like a good guy who probably didn’t commit any murders. Most of that is due to his unflinching belief in the promise of our justice system and his assertion that people shouldn’t be imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit, and now production company Covert Media is going to put Dean Strang’s inherent Strang-ness to good use by having him host and executive produce a new episodic docuseries called Dean Strang: Road To Justice.

According to a press release, the show will consist of eight one-hour episodes that each feature Strang investigating “landmark legal cases that demonstrate major flaws in the criminal justice system.” It will also be filmed using “a similar vérité style to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown” that will allow viewers to go “through a series of remarkable and moving stories filtered through Dean’s uniquely compelling and expert point of view.”


No details, including how Dean Strang: Road To Justice will be distributed, have been released.

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