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Makers of Year Walk and Device 6 announce their new game, The Sailor’s Dream

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Simogo, the studio behind Device 6 and Year Walk (two of Gameological’s favorite games of 2013, by the way), has announced its next project, The Sailor’s Dream. The developers offered a few vague hints regarding the game’s story, writing, “Let’s go on a dream voyage and discover a story about the burning desires of three hearts united by the wonderful but unmerciful ocean.” Instead, Simogo co-founder Simon Flesser wrote a blog post focusing on the game’s tone and the storytelling philosophy. According to Flesser, there won’t be any traditional puzzles—a core component of both Device 6 and Year Walk. “That doesn’t mean you won’t find playful things in the game, though,” he wrote. “There are plenty of things to touch, play, and tinker with.”

From the sounds of it, the real puzzle in The Sailor’s Dream will be piecing together its fragmented story from artifacts and architecture spread across islands in the game’s open seas. To tell that story, Simogo is again teaming up with Jonas Tarestad, who previously helped to write both Device 6 and Year Walk, and according to Flesser, the team is taking cues from “books, radio plays, and even musicals.” The Sailor’s Dream is scheduled for release later this year on iPad and iPhone. 

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