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Illustration for article titled Makers of emThe Butterfly Effect/em to launch reboot, try to do things differently this time

Like a troubled young man returning again and again to the same sequence of events to make slight changes, only to produce slightly varying degrees of disappointment, The Butterfly Effect writer-director Eric Bress is trying again with a reboot of his 2004 film. Variety reports that the reboot—which is technically being called a “reboot,” not remake, much as two straight-to-DVD sequels technically make The Butterfly Effect a “franchise”— will likewise feature all of the original film’s producers, as they and Bress travel back in time to before the day they picked Ashton Kutcher to star and start over, hoping to create a Butterfly Effect that doesn’t end in bitterness over what might have been. Of course, as the original Butterfly Effect showed us, every little change to the past has an unintended consequence in the present. So don’t be surprised if we awake post-reboot to discover that, say, suddenly no one cares about The Butterfly Effect and Ashton Kutcher isn’t a respected actor. And the crazy part is, we’ll never even know things used to be different!


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