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Make your whole house smell like chicken with KFC’s new scented candles


-KFC has taken over your body, your fingernails, and your prom, and now it’s here for your whole house. According to Vice, in KFC’s latest attempt to replace the entire world with fried chicken, the global fast-food chain has unveiled a branded scented candle. Last week, KFC New Zealand held a Facebook drawing for a KFC candle, only specifying that the candle is scented without getting into any specifics about what it actually smells like. It presumably smells like their not-so-secret chicken recipe, but it’s the exact color of their mashed potatoes. KFC New Zealand touted the candles, which feature Colonel Sanders’ face on the votive, across its social media accounts: “What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle! Keen?”

KFC also asked its chicken worshippers to come up with additional KFC-branded concepts, which led to lots of product pitching in the company’s Instagram comments, including ideas for phone cases, bedding sets, a scratch-and-sniff calendar, soap, air fresheners, and chicken-flavored lube. (KFC Australia did a commercial that amounted to a blowjob joke, so anything is possible.)


KFC will announce the lucky winners of the finger-lickin’-good candles on Monday. For now, it doesn’t look like KFC has plans to roll out the candle on a larger scale. But we’re sure the company will be back soon with more fried-chicken innovations, like a Christmas tree made out of chicken just in time for the holidays. Basically, KFC won’t stop until everything you own looks like, smells like, or tastes like its chicken.


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