‘80s punk and hardcore has spawned its fair share of iconic band logos, whether it be the Black Flag bars, Crass’ anti-everything cross, or, for the scene’s less dogmatic nerds, the line-drawn depiction of Descendents vocalist Milo Aukerman. Of these, Milo has shown the most versatility, going through an entire life and set of experiences, from sitting around in diapers, heading to college, and making an appearance on nearly every piece of Descendents merch (even if he’s taking the shape of a coffee pot) in between. Now, thanks to Marco Mantegazza, fans can make their very own Milo via the Milogenerator app in the iTunes store, which allows users to create their very own Aukerman homage with just a few swipes of the finger. In many ways Milogenerator serves as the 21st century’s answer to drawing band logos on a Trapper Keeper during algebra class—an idea that, surprisingly, wasn’t patented by The Misfits first.