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For years now, the awesome, Austin-based theater franchise the Alamo Drafthouse has been at the vanguard of stating the obvious that people who talk or text during movies are awful. And like so many simple, universal messages, it's always gone down a lot easier when delivered with a celebrity endorsement; people like George Romero, Will Ferrell, Peter Bogdanovich, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, R. Lee Ermey, and Patton Oswalt and Jason Reitman have all used their pop-culture credibility to implore audience members to not be dicks. But now it's your turn: The Drafthouse has launched the "Don't Talk Or Text During Movies" contest, offering anyone the chance to create their own PSA videos and say what should be readily apparent, if you're not a self-centered fuckface.


Rules and details on entering are here, with all submissions that meet the guidelines (and are received before Nov. 21) being posted to Badass Digest for voting on by the public. While there will only be one grand prize winner chosen by Alamo judges to have their PSA screened in Alamos nationwide—and receive a $1,000 VISA gift card on top of that—winners will be chosen in each city lucky enough to have an Alamo Drafthouse, where they'll receive a $200 Alamo gift card, as well as the thrill of watching their PSA play in their local theater. Then the winner can turn to those sitting around them and say, "That was mine! I made that!" and those people can then tell that person to shut up, because seriously, they just said NO TALKING.

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