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Make Twitter more bearable by filling it with adorable vintage Lego spacemen

Screenshot: Twitter

At some point in the past few decades, Lego toys got a lot more complicated. There were more moving parts. The themes got more complicated, and are almost always branded. They require batteries now—or at least, appear to.

Thankfully, here is a Twitter bot that will remind you of the era in which Lego toys were relatively more modest, and generally more adorable. They are also completely spacemen—which is good, because space Lego is the best Lego. The account, fittingly called LegoSpaceBot, posts pictures every couple hours of toys from the Classic and System eras of the late ’70s through the late ’90s. Statistically speaking, if you are a nerdy person reading this website, these are the toys you grew up playing with—or coveting.


Check this guy out:

Beep boop, the oceans aren’t rising:


Life has not taken its horrible toll on your dreams, on your eyes, on your ability to sleep:


Twitter isn’t a tool for surveillance and oppression, because here is a little spaceman:


You can see many more over on Twitter. Following is strongly encouraged.

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