Hack Into Broad City, the stopgap web series that Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are doing in the long hiatus between seasons of their show, continues today with an episode devoted to Columbus Day. The once-meaningful annual observance, which now has devolved into some random day in October when the mail doesn’t run and some banks are closed, provokes mixed emotions from the ladies. Abbi, for instance, feels strongly that Columbus Day is “the national day of not doing shit.” Ilana, on the other hand, is making a point of going into work because “Christopher Columbus is the original white douche asshole” and she won’t give his ghost the satisfaction of taking the day off. Not that she’s going to actually do anything productive, however. Her Columbus Day itinerary includes checking her e-mail, turning lights on and off, and printing “some shit.” This last item intrigues Abbi, as she has many pending print jobs, including coupons and various “hot pics of celebs.”

While funny, the video does give the history-minded viewer the opportunity to ponder the wisdom of a national holiday devoted to a man who, in Ilana’s words, “raped and pillaged his way through America.” It also provides some unexpected insight into Abbi’s musical talents, as she ad-libs a song that Ilana enthusiastically declares Pearl Jam-worthy. In the end, as with everything on Broad City, Columbus Day is merely another opportunity for Abbi and Ilana to indulge their own laziness and solipsism with only a dollop of actual half-baked political commentary on top. The ladies decide to use October 12 to honor a truly worthy Christopher Columbus, namely the John Hughes acolyte who directed Home Alone and that first Harry Potter movie.

Broad City returns to Comedy Central in February 2016.

[via Uproxx]