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Maisie Williams is out here talking about "the cosmic perspective" in Alice Phoebe Lou’s new video

Arya Stark is a woman of few words these days, but Maisie Williams has plenty to say in Alice Phoebe Lou’s new music video. As reported by Rolling Stone, the actress contributed a spoken word intro to the South African singer-songwriter’s new video, which features a live performance at the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin. “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious,” says Williams, who, we’re guessing is fresh off a huge bong rip. The video only gets trippier from there.


According to an interview Lou gave to Harper’s Bazaar, Williams also contributed to the concept for the video along with creative facilitators Majestic Casual. That concept included video footage of the Zeiss Planetarium show intercut with Lou’s performance of “Galaxies” off her newest album Paper Castles. This, we’re going to guess, is what Bran sees when his eyes go all milky.

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