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Maisie Williams is here to remind you that her parents have also seen that sex scene

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[Spoilers for season 8, episode 2 of Game Of Thrones]

In Game of Thrones’ 69th episode, Arya had her first sexual experience with Gendry, her longtime friend and pretty much her only friend outside of her family. It’s definitely one of the better love scenes on GoT, a series riddled with incest, rape, and odd pairings, but it nevertheless had the whole world simultaneously shrieking and/or blushing. Including, it seems, Maisie Williams’ parents.

There’s been some chatter about how uncomfortable it made some feel to watch Arya—who they’ve seen grow up—have her sexual awakening on screen. However, as Williams points out, you don’t have it nearly as bad as her. Her whole family, brothers and all, watched her be a commanding top on Sunday’s episode, and her culminating “ahahakillmeehehe” really hits the gritted teeth of it all home. She didn’t show much skin, but Williams is very much aware of that side boob. 

Sophie Turner, her dear friend and sister on screen, also gave her some playful flack about the whole thing, spilling some tea with red wine in hand. The sisterly bond is obviously strong with these two. Williams doesn’t seem to have responded to that reaction, but has had a great time liking a lot of the memes about it on Twitter.


Arya is 100% of age to be having this type of consensual sex (she’s 18 on the show, according to Time), she’s with a man who’s only ever been kind to her, and the White Walkers are coming to kill them all. It was as cozy and romantic a first time could be under those circumstances, but hopefully it’s not Arya and Gendry’s last time too.

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