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Maisie Williams adds acne commercials to her kill list

Maisie Williams for Three UK (Screenshot: YouTube)

Plenty of celebrities, including Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Jessica Simpson, have recorded testimonials for Proactiv acne medication, even allowing the unforgiving cameras to zoom in on their various pimples and pockmarks. And now, Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams has done the next best thing: a commercial for genuine telecommunications firm Three UK that plays exactly like a Proactiv ad, except it’s for phones instead of zit cream. The commercial is a lot of fun, especially for Thrones fans who will appreciate it when the self-parodying Williams casually says things like, “Guys, let’s face the stark reality.” The point of the ad is that Three UK will help users avoid “black spots” of poor indoor phone and internet reception. The twist is that Williams, who is identified as a “Global TV Star & Fairness Ambassador,” talks about these spots as if they were actual, visible spots that might cause embarrassment to a teenager.

Deprived of adequate mobile phone reception, a teary-eyed Williams retreats to her bedroom and stares forlornly at a turtle as if that could somehow help. But fear not. In the grand tradition of heartwarming acne ads, this one has an upbeat message about conquering one’s problems and rejoining life again. The ad also has some fun with the impressive but meaningless pseudo-scientific jargon employed in cellphone and acne medication ads alike. A narrator tells us that 4G Super Voice from Three Mobile was “created by their leading phone-atologists” and uses “unique science stuff with wall-going-through technology.” Sounds legit.


[via Mashable]

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