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Mahershala Ali gets old in the new trailer for True Detective's third season

This new trailer for the third season of HBO’s True Detective tells us a couple of interesting things. There’s no specific information about the haunting investigation that the season will revolve around, unfortunately, but we do know that a lot of people are going to die over the course of that investigation and that season three star Mahershala Ali is going to get pretty darn old. On what is probably a more important note, this trailer also prominently features Carmen Ejogo’s character, who is married to Ali’s character and writes a book about the tragic unsolved case that he’s spent the last few decades obsessing over, which doesn’t really sit well with him. We also get some glimpses of Stephen Dorff, who plays Ali’s partner, but we don’t really see him as an old man. Curious…

True Detective returns to HBO on January 13.


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