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Magnetic Fields' new song "Andrew In Drag" is, weirdly, kinda happy-ish

Cue the wilting flowers and sad trombones. Indie-rock's favorite Eeyore has something new to mope about: The only girl he’s ever loved was Andrew in drag. “I’ll never see that girl again, he did it as a gag. So I’ll pine away forevermore for Andrew in drag,” groans sad-panda Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt on the Beach Boys-esque confection “Andrew In Drag.” But with a dreamy calypso backbeat keeping it from the depths of utter despair, "Andrew In Drag" is a surprisingly un-sulky first release from the band’s decidedly very sulky new record. The band's 10th album, Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, is set for a March 6 release.


The Magnetic Fields - Andrew in Drag by MergeRecords

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