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Magic Mike XXL seeks superfans to sit around and look at butts

One of the most amusing things about Magic Mike was the irritated reactions of moviegoers who went in expecting an A-list Chippendales video and got… well, they got a Steven Soderbergh movie. But those leering hordes definitely played a role in Magic Mike’s box office success, so the producers of the ostensibly Soderbergh-free sequel aren’t afraid of playing to the cheap seats.

Exhibit A: a contest launched today via a video on panty-dropper-in-chief Channing Tatum’s Facebook page. Tatum challenges viewers to provide nudity-and-profanity-free multimedia evidence of their devotion to Magic Mike—devotion that presumably does not include an appreciation of the film’s cinematography—and then post it to Twitter or Vine or whatever.


Ten lucky winners will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Savannah, Georgia to visit the set of Magic Mike XXL. While they’re there, winners will sit around and wait for eight hours before getting to see Joe Manganiello’s glistening butt sweat in person as extras in a dance scene. Producers will also pay contest winners ”up to $100” for their extras services, making them technically working actors for the day. This contest comes with a lot of attendant rules and regulations, so read carefully if you want that $100, lawbreakers.

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