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With only a few short hours to go before Magic Mike XXL lets everyone enjoy the gyrations of extremely ripped actors, the wait can be unbearable. Luckily, Ryan Coopersmith and Charles Muzard of Boo Ya Pictures have created this trailer for the film that incorporates some surprising participants to further stuff the teaser with even more sexual machismo.

The criteria seems to be that the actors have to be a) unlikely, 2) dancing or 2a) showing off their wangs (the trailer is incredibly NSFW by the way). With such a list of requirements, Coopersmith and Muzard seamlessly integrate such acts as Pee Wee Herman, Danny DeVito, and Paul Giamatti amongst many others into Magic Mike’s cavalcade of beefcakes. So enjoy the awkward thrusting and swinging dicks of some of cinema’s greatest stars (and also the Lost Boys from Hook).

Magic Mike XXXL (Super Hot Mashup Trailer) - watch more funny videos

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