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Magic Mike hunk Joe Manganiello hunks onto the cast of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike

The association between the words “beefcake” and “Pee-wee Herman” has finally been cemented with the announcement that Joe Manganiello of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL fame has joined the cast of Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, the first Pee-wee film to see a green light in 27 years. It’s unclear what role Manganiello will play in the film, but he’ll be joining the long, linked, meaty chain of beefcakes that populate the Pee-wee canon, including escaped con Mickey, Cowboy Curtis, and Ricardo, just to name a few. “I am so glad [Manganiello and I] are finally getting to work together. This totally makes up for being cut out of Magic Mike and Magic Mike 2!” said an in-character Reubens of the casting choice, while also doing what Pee-wee does best: sparking imaginations everywhere.

Photography has begun on the film, which is being produced by Judd Apatow and Paul Reubens, and directed by Wonder Showzen and Broad City’s John Lee. As previously reported, the film will be going straight to Netflix, thereby offering instant gratification to Pee-wee fans and skipping the box office altogether. Perhaps it’s for the best, as the masses may not be totally amenable to the idea of a sixtysomething man-child going on a road trip to find the meaning of friendship. Their loss.


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