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Magic City is being remade as a movie with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray

In an interesting reversal of the current trend of taking movies no one really cares about and making them into TV shows, a TV show that nobody really cared about is being made into a movie. Magic City went out with a shrug last summer, and in the meantime series creator Mitch Glazer has apparently been busy adapting the show into a feature-length script, which will now become a movie thanks to the magic of Brett Ratner’s RatPac and a bunch of other, possibly (but not necessarily) slightly less horrible producers.

In hopes of making people care about Magic City the second time around, Deadline reports that Bruce Willis and Bill Murray have signed on to appear alongside original series cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Olga Kurylenko, and Kelly Lynch. Those both seem like pretty big gets for a movie based on a Starz series that was canceled in favor of Black Sails, so we’ll see if this is for real or just slight of hand.


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