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Maggie Q to play tough as nails detective for CBS

Nikita just ended a four-season run, and like any good superspy would Maggie Q is landing on her feet. Q has been cast as the lead in an upcoming CBS psychological thriller series about the LAPD unit devoted to stalking cases. Q will play Detective Beth Davis, who is described as “the opinionated, obsessive, guarded, workaholic division captain of the LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit.” You know, unlike all those easygoing, emotionally available cops you see on TV.

Dylan McDermott and Mariana Klaveno co-star in the as yet unnamed pilot, which will be written and executive produced by Kevin Williamson of Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries fame. The show is still in development, so Q won’t be donning the pantsuit (obviously she’s going to wear a pantsuit) until at least next fall.


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