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Magda Davitt (formerly Sinead O'Connor) is touring again

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After appearing in the news a few times in the last few years for going missing near Chicago and then suggesting that Arsenio Hall gave drugs to Prince, Sinead O’Connor returned with a heartfelt Facebook video (it has since been deleted) in which she discussed her struggles with mental illness—including a bipolar disorder diagnosis that she disagrees with, saying she suffers from PTSD and depression instead. Since then, she has announced that she’d rather be identified as Magda Davitt, explaining in an also-deleted Facebook post that she wanted to be “free of parental curses” and that anyone who still calls her Sinead will be ignored.


Now, Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that she has announced a pair of U.S. concert dates for April, suggesting in a press release that more dates will be announced for this summer. The shows list her as “Sinead O’Connor a.k.a. Magda Davitt,” and they’ll be held at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on April 24 and the Academy Of Music in Northampton, Massachusetts on April 25.

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