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Mae Whitman is totally going to be in the Valley Girl musical remake

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In some totally tubular news, Variety reports that Mae Whitman has just joined the Valley Girl musical remake. Whitman will play a “punk rock lesbian” who is Randy’s (Josh Whitehouse, who succeeds Nicolas Cage) bandmate and best friend. Mary + Jane’s Jessica Rothe is in the role of Julie, who was played by Deborah Foreman in the original film. MGM’s backing the project, based on Martha Coolidge’s 1983 film, which will be directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg from a script by Amy Talkington, with some doctoring from Martin Noxon. Matt Smith—the Maleficent executive producer, not the Doctor—is producing. The original soundtrack, which includes some Toni Basil, Sparks, and Bananarama, should afford the filmmakers plenty of opportunities to make this a bitchin’ musical adaptation.


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