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Mads Mikkelsen walked out on his Fantastic Four audition

Hannibal (Photo: NBC)

Having graced both the Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic universes with his singularly intense charms, it’s clear that actor Mads Mikkelsen isn’t averse to a bit of big-budget franchise fun. (He’s said as much in past interviews, noting that he enjoys “flying around with swords” as much as he does deep, personal movies.) But apparently not even a pro like Mikkelsen could handle Josh Trank’s much-lambasted Fantastic Four, telling Short List in a recent interview that he walked out of his audition for the 2015 flop.

“I think I walked out on the Fantastic Four one,” Mikkelsen said. “I think I actually said, ‘I can’t do it. It’s not about you, I’m sorry, this is wrong.’” That echoes what the actor said in an interview earlier this year, when he suggested that being asked “to pretend to extend his arms like a rubber man” in the film’s casting office was the final straw. That anecdote not only presents a fairly amusing mental image, but also suggests that Trank and company were looking to cast Mikkelsen as Miles Teller’s Reed Richards, and not Doctor Doom, which should have been an early sign that the critically drubbed film was already headed off the rails.


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