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Madonna's MDNA on track to set record for biggest second-week sales drop ever

Last week Madonna's latest album, MDNA, conquered the Billboard albums chart by selling 359,000 copies in its first week. Those sales figures were goosed quite a bit by CDs being bundled with concert tickets for Madonna's upcoming tour, a practice that allowed Prince's Musicology to go platinum back in 2004. About half of Madonna's first-week sales, or 185,000 records, came from being sold as part of a ticket package.

As MDNA heads into its second week, the album appears headed for a major tumble, with Forbes reporting that sales dropped a whopping 88 percent, down to 46,000 copies. That's the biggest second-week drop ever, a tumble that's been attributed to the album's lack of successful singles and Madonna's limited promotion via TV appearances and live shows. [via Rolling Stone]


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