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Madonna isn’t pleased that her new songs leaked

A very wise person once sang, “Music makes the people come together” but Madonna apparently does not like it when the people come together over a possible leak of her not-even-announced-yet new album. The 13 tracks that were released are alleged to be from her forthcoming album Unapologetic Bitch (or maybe it’s called Iconic—it’s all so confusing) and are purported to feature production work from Diplo, Avicii, and Ryan Tedder. The rumored collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the song “Unapologetic Bitch” does not surface on the leaked version of the track, however. Another track from the album, “Rebel Heart,” had already appeared on the Internet in late November.

In response, Madonna took to social media, posting an Instagram photo with a plea for her fans to steer clear of the songs and claiming that they are, in fact, “unfinished demos stolen long ago” that are “not ready to be presented to the world.” Later, she posted to Instagram again, likening the leak to “artistic rape” and calling it “a form of terrorism.” (She stopped short of accusing North Korean hackers of releasing the tracks.) That post was deleted not long after it appeared, probably after papa—or her management—preached to her about it being unwise to liken album leaks to rape and terrorism.

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